diy mason jar organizer for school supplies

DIY School Organization

How to Make a Mason Jar Organizer

Are your school supplies in need of some organizing? I have something cute and functional for you! In this step by step tutorial I will cover how to make this diy wall mounted school organizer within a couple hours. If you are trying to make these with your kids there are many ways they can help too, whether big or small, they can feel a sense of pride and accomplishment whenever they use this organizer.


Supplies for School Organizer

  • Wood – For mine I used some old pieces of wood that I have had laying around for awhile and always wanted to make something out of.  Just use what you already have or go do some hunting to find pieces at your local antique shop, garage sale, or auction to find something unique. Another option would be to get some wood at your local lumber store or big box store and stain or paint it to your liking. This is where you will probably want to get your back piece too that gets screwed into the wall.
  • Mason Jars – Order on Amazon, go to your local grocery store, crafts store, or use what you already have on hand. I got the Ball wide mouthed 16oz jars , but use whatever works for you. Just make sure that it will hold what you want it to hold without constantly spilling over.
  • Adjustable Stainless Steel Hose Clamps – These 4″ clamps should do the trick for you if you are using wide mouthed 16oz jars, otherwise you will just have to measure your jar and see what size to get.
  • Wood screws – This is going to vary depending on the depth of wood that you use. Make sure it is enough to make your piece durable, and make sure it is long enough to get a good enough hold on your studs when you wall mount it.
  • Metal screws – For screwing your clamps onto the piece of wood.

Helpful tools for building Organizer

  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Tin snips
  • Level
  • Ratchet
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Wood saw


1. Use a stud finder and pencil to mark where you will be hanging your piece.

    • Don’t forget your measuring tape to see how big your piece will be.

2. Prepare your wood that you will be applying mason jars to.

    • Measure where you want it and cut everything out. If you want to paint or stain do it ahead of time to give plenty of time for drying/curing.

3. Grab your jars and wrap your adjustable clamp around it.

    • I made mine with enough wiggle room to be able to remove the jars as needed so we can just pick them up and bring the whole thing over to the table if we want. You can adjust them more after the fact but it is nice to get some idea to start so you can try to center it on your board.

sizing up clamps for diy mason jar organizer

    Size up your clamps before screwing them onto the wood.

4. Join your clamp to the board by using your drill and metal screws.

    • Ok, so in all honesty my husband usually does the woodwork and such around our home. I do it too and enjoy doing it, I’m just not as good. This was probably the most pain in the butt part for me because it kept slipping. Maybe the random screws I used were not meant for metal, or maybe it is because I don’t have great upper body strength. I finally was able to punch an indent in the spot where I wanted to drill by using a hammer and nail. I then made a hole with the drill then I used the screws to piece it all together. Is this proper? I don’t know, but it is still holding up to this day with no signs of weakness. I wish you an easier time with this part.
Screw your adjustable clamp onto your wood for DIY mason jar home organizer
Use metal screw to adhere adjustable clamp to wood for DIY organizer

5. Snip off any extra metal from the rings that you don’t want hanging loose.

    • Since we use these often I got my hot glue gun out (I’m a hot glue gun addict) and used it around the edges of the cut metal to give it a nicer soft plastic coating that wont cut my children’s hands.
diy mason jar organizer with hot glue on the end of sharp metal pieces.
Use some hot glue on the ends of your cut metal to prevent cuts.

6. Screw or nail your wood with the mason jars on it to your back piece of wood.

    • With my pieces I was able to just nail them on so I could slide the entire piece off if I wanted since they have the slats in the center. We never really do this though so just use some good solid wood screws to screw your pieces together. I measured out where the studs where on my back piece of wood so I could leave a space here to adhere it to the wall. You could alternatively use a heavy duty bracket to adhere your piece to the wall.
diy mason jar home organizer with wood panel adhered to other piece of wood
Adhere wood pieces together on your diy mason jar organizer.

7.   Screw your piece into your studs (or brackets) that you marked out earlier.

    • Use your level to make sure it doesn’t look too wonky. Make sure it is on there good especially if you have younger kids around.
diy home organizer screwed into studs on wall
Screw wood (or brackets) into stud for diy organizer

8. Place your mason jars in if you have not already done so and start filling them up!

diy home organizer wall mounted
Finished homemade wall mounted organizer for our school supplies


These do not only have to be used for school supplies. You could also use them for many things from flower arrangements (they are removable and easy to clean), to kitchen pantry foods, to silverware holders…whatever you want. With a few supplies, and a little bit of patience you can make this organizer for your home. Have fun with your project!

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