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Taking School Outdoors

Fun Educational Outdoor Activities

Have some good weather? It is starting to feel more and more like spring around here and I think we are all ancy to get out and start exploring more without having to bundle up so much…I think that is what I dislike most about winter…the 1/2 hour it takes to bundle every one up. I still have school work that I want to focus on though so today we took our school work outside and used chalk to keep it engaging. 



Some concrete… I think we have all used chalk before.

Some little rocks, sticks, etc. These can be colored with chalk to help with color recognition games etc.

Things To Do

For reading we use the All About Reading curriculum. We really like the curriculum, it makes everything super easy to just open up the book and get started right away. For today’s practice sheet I wrote it all out on the driveway in sections where she had to read each one to go on to the next level. You can throw some imaginative play in here too – like you have to read the words first before stepping on it or you’ll fall through….whatever works for your kid. A lot of the phrases had some movements that we could do as we made our way up the levels.

Reading practice with chalk game

For my preschooler we practiced shapes and colors. We jumped on different colored bubbles and said the color aloud. We made a bridge out of squares and rectangles and she had to say the shape each time she stepped on it. Simple but kept her engaged.

For math we just wrote out the math problems from our book and she was happy just writing the answers in with chalk. You could do the same concept of jumping to levels and such by having to solve the equation first before moving on if your kid wants to more movement with that activity.

Math problems with chalk outside.

And then we just drew. Here you can discuss the colors they are using. Encourage them to make up a story to go with their drawings – there are so many ways to add on to this.

chalk art and learning colors and shapes

We did not do it today, but we have colored sticks and stones before with chalk and then you can mix them up in a pile and practice color sorting into a designated spot outlined by chalk. I’ll work on getting a pic of this and adding it to this post so its easier to understand what I’m talking about.

If you like drawing, we have done a world map before where we practiced geography by running from continent to continent. There are really so many ways you can incorporate learning with chalk. Just use a little creativity to think of a fun way to touch on your subjects.


Taking school outside today kept my kids focused and engaged. They had fun moving around while they learned different concepts, and I was happy to just be out in the nice weather. When your child is enjoying their school work then they are going to retain it much better. So go grab some chalk and head outside!

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