Easy science experiment to do at home with a glass of water and an index card.

Fun Science Experiment with Air and Water

Magic with Air and Water

Ok so it is not really magic but rather science, which can seem pretty magical! This science experiment can be done with things you already have around your home and is easy enough for younger children to do as well. Plus this is the perfect last minute science experiment because it requires so little prep but is fun for your kids to do.

Science Experiment Supplies

Supplies needed for this science experiment are a glass of water filled to the brim and an index card.
Simple supplies for a last minute experiment.

All you need are a couple super simple supplies for this experiment.

1.) Glass of water – filled to the brim.

2.) Index card

I would recommend taking this experiment outside or doing it over a sink!

Experiment Instructions

Take your index card and place it over your cup of water – make sure that the glass of water is filled to the brim with water. While applying pressure to keep your index card in place proceed to flipping over your glass.

Now go ahead and remove your hand from the index card, holding only the glass.

Science experiment with water and air showing glass is upside down full of water with only an index card covering the rim of the glass.

Did the water stay in your glass?

The Why

Why did the index card stay put and the water stayed in the glass? The pressure of the air outside of the glass was stronger than the pressure inside the glass causing the card to stay in place and the water to therefore stay in place.

Surface tension and adhesion also play a role in keeping the card in place. Lets say you put something on the rim of the glass, will it affect the surface tension? Try oil, or soap, or some other idea that you and your kids come up with and record the results. Try with a glass half full, or perhaps different materials from the index card. Experiment with your variations and take notes!

Tried pouring water out for one of our variations on this science experiment.

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