Recommended supplies for homeschoolers.

Recommended Supplies For Printable Downloads

Must Have Supplies for Homeschoolers

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I have listed some of my favorite supplies to assemble my printables to save you time from having to research everything on your own. I have had good experience with these products helping keep my printables in good condition for multiple uses by little hands.

*This page contains affiliate links. All opinions are completely my own but if you follow one of my handy links I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!

Printable Assembly Supplies


Scotch Thermal Laminator – Its easy to set up, warms up quickly, and I have never had it jam while using it.

Thermal Laminator Pouches 3mil – This is the thickness I normally use and have had great luck with it.

Thermal Laminator Pouches 5mil – Even sturdier than the 3mil pages if you want the extra strength. (The Scotch Thermal Laminator listed above easily switches from 3 to 5mil)

*Not ready for a laminator? These self adhesive sheets will get the job done for you- but I would still recommend the laminator long term.

Everything Else

Cardstock– This is what I print my sheets on before laminating.

Hook And Loop Self Adhesive Dots (Velcro Dots) – come in smaller or bigger sizes but this is the size I use for my activities.

Brads – Useful in activities that spin (clock, compass, and math spinner for example).



Dry Erase Markers – I love the ultra fine tip on these dry erase markers – it makes tracing so much easier for little kids when they have the fine tip to work with. The marker usually comes off pretty easily as well. Sometimes if it is left on too long then a magic eraser or damp cloth take it right off. I have also used the UBrand markers and enjoy those as well- especially since they have a built in eraser on the marker cap!

Magic Erasers – Ooops…did you let the dry erase markers sit too long on your laminated pages and now it is being a little stubborn? These will help take marker off of laminated sheets in a jiffy! A damp cloth works good as well, I just love these things since they are super useful in our house where I leave art supplies in easy reach of a 3 year old.

3 Ring Binder – I take my pictures with Sugar Paper essentials 1″ binder from Target cause I like the cute design, but for the kiddos I use this 3″ heavy duty binder.

3 Hole Punch – I think we all know what these do…but if you want to kick it up to a whole other level see my recommendation below.

Tianse Coil Binding Machine – So….this one is not a need to have but I am super excited about it. With this little bad boy I can print my resources and bind them all together so they stay organized and are easy to flip through. Now my printed resources will not take up so much space on my bookshelf (used 3 ring binders before) and they will be less bulky and therefor easier for my children to handle and use on the go! I like this model in particular because of how it binds the booklets – you can open the pages a full 360 degrees with spiral or wire binding vs when you use the plastic combs and can just open the booklet 180 degrees or so. I am also very excited to start using this machine for my planners and journals.

You don’t necessarily need everything on this list, but they are things I have found very useful. If you leave a review and would like to leave a picture of your product in action I would love to see how you are enjoying it! Hope you have a great day full of learning and fun!